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Jump! Don’t Jump!

19 Nov


The most exciting week at Ohio State University is upon us: Beat Michigan Week!  There are several events that take place during this amazing week, such as a pep rally, a Blood Battle and a food drive to name a few.  The most epic event of them all is the Mirror Lake jump.  However, you will not find it listed here on the official Beat Michigan Week website because it is not a university sanctioned event, and every year we all receive Dr. J’s email giving us reasons to not jump (but also precautions to take, juuuust in case you do).

All of these events that we hold here at OSU during Beat Michigan Week are meant to communicate our very strong dislike for “that team up north.”  It also portrays the sense of unity that the Big Ten has a common goal of helping others and using teamwork to do so.

This year marks the 109th meeting between Ohio State and Michigan.  With Mirror Lake jump being tomorrow, I hope you all take into consideration the message we are sending to the whole state of Michigan.  It’s all about the rivalry, the traditions of college football and the memories we make while enjoying it all.

To get your insides all warm and fuzzy, watch this amazing video from the Mirror Lake 2010 jump (at your own discretion).  This all goes to show that no matter the fact that we’re all going to be sick for Thanksgiving, we are all unified as one to rally up and BEAT MICHIGAN!


Apple Over Everything.

19 Nov


Introducing the latest and greatest: the iPhone 5!

The great debate: Apple vs. PC.  In my opinion, there really isn’t much of a comparison.  I used to have a very nice Dell laptop which had all the great new features.  I even ordered an extended battery so that it would last longer (which is something that doesn’t need to be done with an Apple computer).  The bigger battery made it about five pounds heavier, making it hard on my back to lug it around all over our giant campus.  I also received a few viruses here and there with my Dell, which is also something that isn’t even an issue with Apple computers.  The plastic on my Dell was attractive, but I felt as if it was cheap, and I was proven right after the plastic around my screen cracked in the first few months of me having it.

About a week ago, I purchased the iPhone 5, which just so happens to be the best phone I’ve ever had.  It’s so sleek, lightweight and the 8.0 megapixel camera is just as good as my Sony digital camera.  For anyone due for an update, I would not even be tempted to purchase any other phone just because it’s cheaper.  This phone is a game changer.  The resolution is amazing, making the pictures look crystal clear.  The 4G LTE network is noticeably faster compared to a 3G network.  Compared to my old iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is exponentially better.  Apple’s website features a very helpful comparison of the different iPhones if you’re in the market for a new phone!

The integration that Apple has developed for all of their products is really what puts them ahead of everyone else.  With iCloud, all the important things on my phone are automatically backed up to my Macbook Pro, such as pictures, documents, messages, contacts, and most importantly, music.  This can all be done through a Wi-Fi network, meaning you don’t even have to plug in your phone and sync it.  Anything important on your iPad can also be available on your Mac computer, iPhone or iPod, which to me is the definition of efficiency.  For information on what all iCloud can do, click here!

Another great thing about Apple is the ability to walk right in any of their stores, and get hands-on experience with any one of their products.  If you’re unsure as to which model to buy, you can look at each of them and figure out which is best for you.  You can pick them up, feel them out and really get to know the product.  The Apple employees are very helpful and informative, and you will walk out of that store knowing everything you need to know.

Once I purchased my Macbook I knew I would never go back to PC, and the same goes for my iPhone.  There’s no comparison to me.  You know what they say, once you go Apple, you never go back.

Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend.

18 Nov

Abby & Pepper at Lake Cumberland in 2004

Saying goodbye to a friend, whether it’s four-legged, two-legged, or no-legged is always a difficult thing.  On November 9, 2012, I had to say goodbye to my Jack Russell Terrier, Pepper, who had been apart of our family for nearly 15 years.  Today would have been Pepper’s 15th birthday, so I decided to commemorate her by writing a blog post about her.

Pepper was my Christmas present when I was only 6 years old.  She was the perfect family dog and I’m thankful for all the memories we were able to make with her in her long, adventurous life.  Pepper came everywhere with our family, whether it be on our boating trips to Lake Cumberland, family Christmas gatherings in Cleveland, or to our friend’s houses to play with their dogs.  She was always at the ballpark to support me during my softball games.  When I rode the bus home from elementary school, she even waited at our front window for me at the same time every day.

Animals are a huge part of a family, and no one can explain the bond you have with your pet until you experience it firsthand.  Although the house feels empty without her, we know she is no longer suffering, which is something you never want anyone you love to go through.

One of the best things about our society’s use of technology is the way we are able to connect with people we rarely see.  Because of this, our family, which extends all across the country, was informed of Pepper’s passing through social media sites.  We received many sympathy emails and messages in the week after she passed, which was very special.  Our veterinarian even sent us a card which is not something I would have expected him to do.

Cherish each moment you have with your loved ones, whether it be a pet or a family member, because making memories is one of the sweetest of life’s joys. 🙂

RIP little Pepper

You Saw it Here First!

17 Nov

What’s the cool thing about tweeting a live event?  It’s like you’re the reporter and you are a primary source for information that others have not had access to yet!

For my live-tweeting assignment, I did something a little different; I chose to tweet from our football tailgate that my friends and I hosted for the Ohio State/Wisconsin game.  We made it BYOB, supplied a few snacks, including my buffalo chicken dip, along with outdoor games to keep everyone entertained.  We hung out outside up until kick-off, then went inside and watched the game in the family room with everyone.  Something about watching a sporting event with 30 other people cramped into one room is really exhilarating. 😉

The great thing about football Saturdays is the tradition, whether it’s your own tradition or an Ohio State tradition.  For great tips on what to do on Saturdays in Columbus, check out this “Guide to football Saturdays at The Ohio State University.”

Live-tweeting is a bit different compared to general tweeting or using Tweetchat, and can be used in different ways.  In my case, I was able to reach out to my followers and share my “football Saturday in Columbus” experiences.  Some of my followers that I connected with during my out-of-class tweetchat are Buckeye fans so we were able to talk a little bit about the game which is neat.  If you are tweeting an event, such as a basketball game, you can provide up-to-the-minute updates on the game, top scorers, new records broken, which others will really find compelling if they did not have the opportunity to attend.  Live-tweeting is just a great way to provide updates to your audience that they would have to wait to find later, and they may not even be able to find the fine-details you share anywhere else.  Another great thing about live-tweeting is that if you use appropriate hashtags, people who search that specific hashtag can join in on the conversation, or use your tweets for information even if they aren’t already following you.

Don’t forget your Twitiquette!  

There are several things to consider when live-tweeting:

Do your research

Finding information on the speaker, athletes, game match-up or event will give you insight as to what type of information would be most interesting to tweet about.

Don’t be sucked into your phone the entire time

If you are tweeting an event where there is a speaker, you want to make sure you aren’t completely focused on your phone, but that you are actually paying attention to what the speaker is saying.  Having your phone out the whole time could not only distract the speaker, but it can also distract other members of the audience.

Be considerate: think before you tweet

Voicing your opinion is always welcome, but when it comes to tweeting in general about other people/events/etc., you want to make sure the content of your tweets is appropriate, positive and compelling.

Warn your followers you will be live-tweeting

Many of your followers may not be the least bit interested in your live-tweeting event, so it’s always a good thing to warn your followers that you will be tweeting an event.  They may also feel overwhelmed or annoyed by the number of your tweets, so if you want to keep your followers it is best to warn them.

These are only a few tips on Twitiquette.  For more, visit this article titled “Twitiquette: How to live-tweet without losing friends and alienating followers.”

Never Never Land

14 Nov

“Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.” – Peter Pan

“Never is an awfully long time.” -Wendy


I don’t know about you, but I’m with Peter Pan.  Growing up is just no fun!  At least not yet…

With graduation looming, I’ve started my big-girl job hunt, and after only one interview, I’ve already learned a lot.

I recently added my resumé to and after only 12 hours of it being posted, I was contacted by a recruiter over the phone, and from there she invited me to interview in-person.  The company was Insight Global, an IT recruiting company, and they were looking to fill an Entry Level Account Manager position in their Columbus office.  I was surprised that I was contacted so quickly, and I was feeling pretty confident about the progress of my job search.  However, I’m here to tell you that it’s likely that you may be turned down a time or two before you find your dream job, and that is A-OKAY!

If you’re unaware what an entry level account manager might do at an IT recruiting company, I’ll tell you.  With this particular job, you would start out as a recruiter for 6-8 months before being promoted to an actual account manager.  This job is very sales-based, meaning you are trying to convince other managers from IT companies that it is in their best interest to use Insight Global as a recruiter to help fill their open positions.  You must be outgoing, bubbly, loving life, but most important, aggressive.  I knew going into the interview that I’m typically not the most outgoing or aggressive person in the world, so I was leery as to if this job would be a right fit for me.  I still wanted to do the interview because I knew it would be a great learning experience if nothing else, and I was hopeful that after learning more about the position, I would actually find that I could really excel as an account manager.

Well…I was wrong.  The company agreed with me, I don’t have the personality to go into sales and I didn’t get an offer.  But that’s okay!  Before this interview, I had actually thought that sales could be a good starting point for me, and if I wouldn’t have talked to the managers who interviewed me, then I may have figured out at a very bad time that this particular type of sales position isn’t for me.  I gained experience in a professional interview setting, acquired insight as to what I may be good at and I even bought a new suit jacket which I now have for future interviews! 😉

(Side note: if you are unsure as to what is appropriate interview attire, there are several options.  Check out this site on what to wear/what NOT to wear, or tweet at @ThrowItOnUrBack for tips.)

The moral of the story here is this: don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed!  If you don’t get an offer for a position that you really, really wanted, it’s probably best.  The managers who do the interviewing know what’s best for the company, and if they don’t believe you are the best fit, then you probably aren’t going to be all that happy in the job anyway.

As for me, I’ll start back at the job search in a few days.  For right now, I’m hanging out in Never Never Land.

Extra, Extra, Tweet All About It.

19 Oct


I was a little leery about attending a TweetChat with business professionals on important topics in their business life, but after I sent my first tweet, I felt as if I fit right in.  They were all very welcoming of me, included me in their retweets and mentions, and helped me learn from them.  I even made a nice counter-point to one of the men in the chat, and the co-host of the group pointed it out and was impressed with that.  She then went on to ask me about my major, and told me that I was in a great field, which of course I already knew. 🙂

In the TweetChat we talked about different topics such as buying followers on Twitter, automatic direct messages from followers, the importance of social media to each of us personally, and how it has evolved.  To be honest, before this TweetChat I didn’t even know there was such a thing as buying followers.  There was a little disagreement among the chatters as to whether or not buying followers would actually pay off.  I agree that having followers who aren’t truly interested in your tweets may not really help the business.  However, followers are followers and people are going to retweet content that they believe to be beneficial for others to see.  They may not retweet all of your tweets, but anything helps.  The more a business can get the word out on their events/products/news/etc., the better off they will be.

We also talked about how it’s hard to think about life before Twitter.  Even though I signed up for Twitter only three years ago, I still can’t think about my daily rituals without checking my Twitter.  Now that I have an iPhone, it’s even worse!  Social media really is “Web 2.0” and it’s amazing how fast it happened.

In short, I strongly suggest joining in on a random TweetChat that seems interesting because you are almost guaranteed to learn something from them.  It’s really cool to be able to talk with business professionals because it makes you feel like you are on the same playing field as them.  I gained more followers, one person from Ohio even sent me a direct message about being a Buckeye, I received compliments that made me feel good about my major and the host even invited me back next week.

If you’re interested in a TweetChat, just Google it.  If you’re interested in viewing my chat transcript, view it here.

Until next time…

The Buzz on Brochures.

18 Oct

A brochure is a great communication device, although you may not think of it as one initially.  Visual design is hugely important in today’s world of communication.  I’m currently taking a class called Visual Communication Design here at Ohio State, and of course I can see why this particular class would be an elective for a communication major, but when I realized that the whole class would be based on principles of Photoshop I was a little surprised.  I mean, why does a communication major need to know about Photoshop?  Then I realized that the important thing isn’t learning specifically about Photoshop, but rather the concepts of design itself used in Photoshop.  The best way to learn how to make a visually pleasing design is to create it yourself.  I would recommend this class to not just communication majors, but anyone who is interested in learning about visual design.  Communicating ideas to an audience can go much smoother if you use visuals.

The particular brochure I have displayed above is for a living community called Tulane Park in Mississippi.  This brochure caught my eye and I believe they are really capturing the serenity that they want to associate with Tulane Park.  It’s simple and neat, yet displays the essentials.  The way they made the pictures flow together reminds me of a river, which gives me the impression that this community is a calm and peaceful place to live.

This brochure keeps their paragraphs short, has a nice list laid out and is able to develop their message without using any exclamation points!  One standard font throughout the brochure doesn’t overwhelm the viewer.  The use of many colors, fonts and exclamation points makes the design unbalanced, which creates discomfort for the audience.

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