Apple Over Everything.

19 Nov


Introducing the latest and greatest: the iPhone 5!

The great debate: Apple vs. PC.  In my opinion, there really isn’t much of a comparison.  I used to have a very nice Dell laptop which had all the great new features.  I even ordered an extended battery so that it would last longer (which is something that doesn’t need to be done with an Apple computer).  The bigger battery made it about five pounds heavier, making it hard on my back to lug it around all over our giant campus.  I also received a few viruses here and there with my Dell, which is also something that isn’t even an issue with Apple computers.  The plastic on my Dell was attractive, but I felt as if it was cheap, and I was proven right after the plastic around my screen cracked in the first few months of me having it.

About a week ago, I purchased the iPhone 5, which just so happens to be the best phone I’ve ever had.  It’s so sleek, lightweight and the 8.0 megapixel camera is just as good as my Sony digital camera.  For anyone due for an update, I would not even be tempted to purchase any other phone just because it’s cheaper.  This phone is a game changer.  The resolution is amazing, making the pictures look crystal clear.  The 4G LTE network is noticeably faster compared to a 3G network.  Compared to my old iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is exponentially better.  Apple’s website features a very helpful comparison of the different iPhones if you’re in the market for a new phone!

The integration that Apple has developed for all of their products is really what puts them ahead of everyone else.  With iCloud, all the important things on my phone are automatically backed up to my Macbook Pro, such as pictures, documents, messages, contacts, and most importantly, music.  This can all be done through a Wi-Fi network, meaning you don’t even have to plug in your phone and sync it.  Anything important on your iPad can also be available on your Mac computer, iPhone or iPod, which to me is the definition of efficiency.  For information on what all iCloud can do, click here!

Another great thing about Apple is the ability to walk right in any of their stores, and get hands-on experience with any one of their products.  If you’re unsure as to which model to buy, you can look at each of them and figure out which is best for you.  You can pick them up, feel them out and really get to know the product.  The Apple employees are very helpful and informative, and you will walk out of that store knowing everything you need to know.

Once I purchased my Macbook I knew I would never go back to PC, and the same goes for my iPhone.  There’s no comparison to me.  You know what they say, once you go Apple, you never go back.


2 Responses to “Apple Over Everything.”

  1. Killyn November 19, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    I personally believe it is preference. Both Window and Mac have good and bad features just like iOS and Android have good and bad features. I also think its easier to up switch on phone opperating system than it is on a computer opperating system. Windows is all I know. I’m PC and I talk and text on an iPhone

  2. wilkes1779 November 19, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    I could not agree more. Growing up I always had a PC and nothing but problems. I felt like every other week there something new that wasn’t working. Having to update virus spyware was a headache and eventually the computer ended up crashing anyways. My freshman year at Ohio State I purchased a MacBook. Literally, the best purchase I have made to date. To this day, I have never had a single problem with it. The battery lasts forever, I’ve never had to download any form of spyware or virus protection programs and it is extremely easy to use. Up until about a month ago, I didn’t think I could be more please. Then I bought the iphone. And now I really know what it feels like to be a happy customer. Its capabilities are endless and it just solidifies my respect for Apple products.

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