You Saw it Here First!

17 Nov

What’s the cool thing about tweeting a live event?  It’s like you’re the reporter and you are a primary source for information that others have not had access to yet!

For my live-tweeting assignment, I did something a little different; I chose to tweet from our football tailgate that my friends and I hosted for the Ohio State/Wisconsin game.  We made it BYOB, supplied a few snacks, including my buffalo chicken dip, along with outdoor games to keep everyone entertained.  We hung out outside up until kick-off, then went inside and watched the game in the family room with everyone.  Something about watching a sporting event with 30 other people cramped into one room is really exhilarating. 😉

The great thing about football Saturdays is the tradition, whether it’s your own tradition or an Ohio State tradition.  For great tips on what to do on Saturdays in Columbus, check out this “Guide to football Saturdays at The Ohio State University.”

Live-tweeting is a bit different compared to general tweeting or using Tweetchat, and can be used in different ways.  In my case, I was able to reach out to my followers and share my “football Saturday in Columbus” experiences.  Some of my followers that I connected with during my out-of-class tweetchat are Buckeye fans so we were able to talk a little bit about the game which is neat.  If you are tweeting an event, such as a basketball game, you can provide up-to-the-minute updates on the game, top scorers, new records broken, which others will really find compelling if they did not have the opportunity to attend.  Live-tweeting is just a great way to provide updates to your audience that they would have to wait to find later, and they may not even be able to find the fine-details you share anywhere else.  Another great thing about live-tweeting is that if you use appropriate hashtags, people who search that specific hashtag can join in on the conversation, or use your tweets for information even if they aren’t already following you.

Don’t forget your Twitiquette!  

There are several things to consider when live-tweeting:

Do your research

Finding information on the speaker, athletes, game match-up or event will give you insight as to what type of information would be most interesting to tweet about.

Don’t be sucked into your phone the entire time

If you are tweeting an event where there is a speaker, you want to make sure you aren’t completely focused on your phone, but that you are actually paying attention to what the speaker is saying.  Having your phone out the whole time could not only distract the speaker, but it can also distract other members of the audience.

Be considerate: think before you tweet

Voicing your opinion is always welcome, but when it comes to tweeting in general about other people/events/etc., you want to make sure the content of your tweets is appropriate, positive and compelling.

Warn your followers you will be live-tweeting

Many of your followers may not be the least bit interested in your live-tweeting event, so it’s always a good thing to warn your followers that you will be tweeting an event.  They may also feel overwhelmed or annoyed by the number of your tweets, so if you want to keep your followers it is best to warn them.

These are only a few tips on Twitiquette.  For more, visit this article titled “Twitiquette: How to live-tweet without losing friends and alienating followers.”


4 Responses to “You Saw it Here First!”

  1. loganoates November 19, 2012 at 2:48 am #

    This is a great post, Abby! I love that you took an assignment and put your own spin on it, because I think that applies greatly to the world of PR- we’re given a task and then need to make it our own. Thanks for the tips near the end it gave your post good content. (:

  2. jjcimp20 November 19, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    I really like the “Twitiquette” idea. I think simple guidelines like that often go overlooked, even with PR professionals. Having a set of guidelines like that, definitely can help define the type of professionalism that should be expected when tweeting at these events.


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