Never Never Land

14 Nov

“Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.” – Peter Pan

“Never is an awfully long time.” -Wendy


I don’t know about you, but I’m with Peter Pan.  Growing up is just no fun!  At least not yet…

With graduation looming, I’ve started my big-girl job hunt, and after only one interview, I’ve already learned a lot.

I recently added my resumé to and after only 12 hours of it being posted, I was contacted by a recruiter over the phone, and from there she invited me to interview in-person.  The company was Insight Global, an IT recruiting company, and they were looking to fill an Entry Level Account Manager position in their Columbus office.  I was surprised that I was contacted so quickly, and I was feeling pretty confident about the progress of my job search.  However, I’m here to tell you that it’s likely that you may be turned down a time or two before you find your dream job, and that is A-OKAY!

If you’re unaware what an entry level account manager might do at an IT recruiting company, I’ll tell you.  With this particular job, you would start out as a recruiter for 6-8 months before being promoted to an actual account manager.  This job is very sales-based, meaning you are trying to convince other managers from IT companies that it is in their best interest to use Insight Global as a recruiter to help fill their open positions.  You must be outgoing, bubbly, loving life, but most important, aggressive.  I knew going into the interview that I’m typically not the most outgoing or aggressive person in the world, so I was leery as to if this job would be a right fit for me.  I still wanted to do the interview because I knew it would be a great learning experience if nothing else, and I was hopeful that after learning more about the position, I would actually find that I could really excel as an account manager.

Well…I was wrong.  The company agreed with me, I don’t have the personality to go into sales and I didn’t get an offer.  But that’s okay!  Before this interview, I had actually thought that sales could be a good starting point for me, and if I wouldn’t have talked to the managers who interviewed me, then I may have figured out at a very bad time that this particular type of sales position isn’t for me.  I gained experience in a professional interview setting, acquired insight as to what I may be good at and I even bought a new suit jacket which I now have for future interviews! 😉

(Side note: if you are unsure as to what is appropriate interview attire, there are several options.  Check out this site on what to wear/what NOT to wear, or tweet at @ThrowItOnUrBack for tips.)

The moral of the story here is this: don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed!  If you don’t get an offer for a position that you really, really wanted, it’s probably best.  The managers who do the interviewing know what’s best for the company, and if they don’t believe you are the best fit, then you probably aren’t going to be all that happy in the job anyway.

As for me, I’ll start back at the job search in a few days.  For right now, I’m hanging out in Never Never Land.


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