Extra, Extra, Tweet All About It.

19 Oct


I was a little leery about attending a TweetChat with business professionals on important topics in their business life, but after I sent my first tweet, I felt as if I fit right in.  They were all very welcoming of me, included me in their retweets and mentions, and helped me learn from them.  I even made a nice counter-point to one of the men in the chat, and the co-host of the group pointed it out and was impressed with that.  She then went on to ask me about my major, and told me that I was in a great field, which of course I already knew. 🙂

In the TweetChat we talked about different topics such as buying followers on Twitter, automatic direct messages from followers, the importance of social media to each of us personally, and how it has evolved.  To be honest, before this TweetChat I didn’t even know there was such a thing as buying followers.  There was a little disagreement among the chatters as to whether or not buying followers would actually pay off.  I agree that having followers who aren’t truly interested in your tweets may not really help the business.  However, followers are followers and people are going to retweet content that they believe to be beneficial for others to see.  They may not retweet all of your tweets, but anything helps.  The more a business can get the word out on their events/products/news/etc., the better off they will be.

We also talked about how it’s hard to think about life before Twitter.  Even though I signed up for Twitter only three years ago, I still can’t think about my daily rituals without checking my Twitter.  Now that I have an iPhone, it’s even worse!  Social media really is “Web 2.0” and it’s amazing how fast it happened.

In short, I strongly suggest joining in on a random TweetChat that seems interesting because you are almost guaranteed to learn something from them.  It’s really cool to be able to talk with business professionals because it makes you feel like you are on the same playing field as them.  I gained more followers, one person from Ohio even sent me a direct message about being a Buckeye, I received compliments that made me feel good about my major and the host even invited me back next week.

If you’re interested in a TweetChat, just Google it.  If you’re interested in viewing my chat transcript, view it here.

Until next time…


One Response to “Extra, Extra, Tweet All About It.”

  1. liztief October 22, 2012 at 2:59 pm #


    That’s great you had such a positive experience on TweetChat with business professionals. I would have been scared joining in on conversation as a student, but after hearing your experience I might try it now. My TweetChat was with fellow Ohio State students at a PRSSA meeting. Also that’s exciting they told you communications is a great field to go into. Did they tell you what exactly they did in the job field?

    I had no idea companies bought followers on Twitter. I agree with you that this method might not be the best, but if the paid followers see a tweet that’s helpful they might re-tweet it. Did they discuss companies buying “likes” on Facebook? I wonder if they have different opinions between Twitter and Facebook. Also I liked your title and use of graphics. It was very simple, but made me want to read your blog post. Good luck on the rest of your school year.


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