Tweet Tweet.

25 Sep

In my Strategic Message Design class at Ohio State, Twitter is being used in a way I never knew existed.  I never knew what a TweetChat was until we started using it in class, and I must say it’s easy, fun and beneficial.  For anyone who has never used TweetChat, it’s a site for Twitter users to login to and search a specific hashtag.  From there you can see what other Tweeters are saying about that specific hashtag and you are able to join in on the chat.  Seeing all the tweets pop up automatically as they are being entered is amusing because chances are you are sharing the same thoughts and feelings that other Tweeters are sharing.  If you are interested in what people are saying about the iPhone 5, all you have to do is enter that hashtag and you can view others’ opinions on the new technology, which in my opinion, is more convenient than reading lists and lists of long reviews.  Click here to become acquainted with TweetChat!

I like that our professor made it mandatory for everyone in class to sign up for Twitter.  For people who have never used Twitter before, this was all new and somewhat foreign, as I remember feeling the same way when I first signed up for an account.  Social media is one thing that really awes me.  This generation has helped social media sites grow exponentially and it has created a whole new dimension for the business world.  It is now somewhat rare for a big business to NOT have a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube account because these are all major routes of communication for this generation.  If a business sends me a flyer in the mail, I am much less likely to actually take the time to read it, but if the same business followed me on Twitter, then I would definitely take the two seconds to click the ‘Follow’ button.  Today is all about convenience and functionality, and social media privileges us all with just that.


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